XL Gold Oyster Dish

XL Gold Oyster Dish

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This XL oyster dish is exclusively available online and at the Grit & Grace Flagship at 478 King St, Charleston, SC.  This shell comes from an 8 year old oyster.  We are only able to get a very limited quantity as to protect the source.  It is a perfect holder for jewelry, bath salts, or salt and pepper. Every dish has a unique shape, size, and coloring, that is hand painted.  This makes each oyster dish a truly one of a kind gift. 

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In an effort to keep our earth beautiful: Grit & Grace recycles and returns ten oyster shells to the sea for each item purchased, helping replenish local reefs and restore Charleston’s shorelines.

*special pricing is available for orders larger than 50 dishes; please contact hello@gritandgracestudio.com for more info.